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Devaki Sokaris

Contemplating life

Contemplating life

Living with purpose and presence

Sometimes it’s hard to get our heads around what we’re meant to be doing, and we may need to focus on how our thoughts and feelings are contributing to how much we can make our lives more meaningful.

My name is Devaki, pronounced (Deeva-key). I am a heart centred writer, singer-songwriter, and autistic. My philosophy is simple, live the life your soul wants. My writings offer articles, music, and meditation that create a space for contemplation, growth, self-discovery, and heart centred connection.

Life purpose is all about what we came to learn, experience, and understand. It is not the details of how we have gone about something that is important, but rather what our choices and attitudes were while making those decisions.

The heart is the doorway to our real selves, as many things seen through the eyes of the personality are not real. Much of the lessons in life are to see those illusions crushed. To know ourselves is built on a relationship with our true selves. When we start to experience our true selves, many of our beliefs become based on inner wisdom rather than life experiences, because the truth is revealed within us, thus we must discover it from our experience, not our belief.

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