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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

Change your life

Planting seeds

Many people end up living a life that society dictates or ones their families prescribe for the illusion of success, comfort and security. This is because they don’t know how to self-evaluate well enough and source their own wisdom.

Life purpose is all about what your soul wants to learn from this life thus the very reason for your existence. Others don’t choose your purpose, you must want it, and choose it for yourself.

Living a life guided by your own wisdom brings self-awareness and transformation that assists you discovering your true essence and gifts. It is not the details, or how you’ve gone about something that is important, but rather what your choices and attitudes were while making those decisions.

Some areas for which I offer thought-provoking insights to know and understand yourself are:

Our challenges help to build inner strength and wisdom is gained by what we learn and overcome.

Identifying your own internal toolkit allows you to respond to what is needed rather than you’re your preconceptions which allows you more awareness of yourself, how to improve and how to keep it that way.

I have been working with people one-on-one in private mentoring for over 25 years and during those years I have refined my skills and abilities in a unique way that creates awareness for people to understand themselves.

I have stopped private mentoring in 2019 to focus my energy on conveying my insights through the medium of writing to help people know themselves, source their own wisdom and live the life they came to live. It is uncertain whether I will return to private mentoring.

Understanding yourself through the heart is the gateway to your higher self. Once you stop looking to find your purpose, you allow it to find you.

Devaki Sokaris
Life and soul growth mentor-advocate-writer,
Highly intuitive, Singer songwriter:

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