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Music that touches the heart


Hello, my name is Devaki and I am a singer songwriter, guitarist and recording artist. Music has its own way of healing, it can ease suffering by connecting us to the heart and bring gratitude for the gift of life.

This site shares lyrics, music and thoughts that inspire one to embrace the heart. Embracing music that helps you identify things in your life can purify the heart and bring a sense of healing and inner peace. May you find something here that uplifts or touches your heart.

I am inspired to write songs that embrace the true self, humanity, and the greater consciousness. They reflect life lessons, love, life purpose, and spirituality.

A quote from Temple of the heart:
Lead me to the place where love and compassion grows. Love will always have grace in the temple of the heart.

I will be providing links here to where you can buy some of my songs when they become available.

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