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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

Acts of kindness and lifting others

What do these have in common?

They require humility, you don’t do them and then post them on social media. Talking about them feeds the ego.

Acts of kindness can be all sorts of things whether it be you help someone or people on LI or the little old lady cross the road or put yourself out in any way for people you do or don’t know.

They are not something you usually think about after doing them as they are part of who you are as a person thus not needing validation.

If a person must think about lifting others as task or something they need to remember to do they have already failed.

Our words are the channel for our energy but not the focus of what we already carry. For this reason, words are not always required because it is just part of our being thus one’s presence can be enough to lift another.

Humility requires one to not talk about acts of kindness or lifting others, but rather to just be the person that does it by the strength of their being, not their words.

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