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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

Allow people to be who they are

The world was designed for extroverts and the rest of us who may be neurodivergent, or introverted must navigate life in a world that makes too much noise and the expectation to be out there.

People tried hard to make me conform and run with the sheep, but it didn’t work. My mother said you are not like other children, you need to fit in, but I was adamant to follow my heart no matter the consequences and there were consequences. I was conveniently labelled difficult and rebellious to name a few for just wanting to be myself.

Isn’t it interesting that many of us were brought up being told your school days are the best days of your life? Are you kidding me that could not be further from the truth as my school days were the wort days of my life. They were filled with ridicule, severe anxiety and intense sensory issues.

I spent most of my time at school in overload and in a constant state of anxiety. I was constantly told, you need to get out more and be with people, its not healthy to spend so much time on your own. I didn’t understand what their problem was. I was at peace the most when on my own as I thrived on solitude and still do.

Children at school were often drawn to my nature and the way I looked at things in life. All I wanted was to be left alone so I would go to the toilet just to get some peace and sit there and read.

I did not place much value on material things. I even swapped my gold bangle that my grandparents gave me for an apple with another kid at school. You can imagine how well that went down with my parents. Sometimes if someone said, I really like that I would just give it to them. It’s no surprise I grew up being a minimalist.

This is one of the reasons I spent 25 years mentoring others to discover their true selves and live the life that was intended for them, rather than one society dictated. When we try to make others change to make ourselves more comfortable, we rob them and others of being their real selves.

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