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8. Awakening

People look at the past as their identity and the future to save them. The past is depression, the future is anxiety and the now is the only place we can find peace.

If we want to experience the heart, we must open the door rather than polish the knob on the door. Looking at the past for an identify and the future for a better life is not real. We do not experience truth when we have one foot out the door looking in the past, and the other to the future. The heart lives in the presence of now.

We deal with our past in the present not the past. We are already experiencing the consequences of our past in the present. Healing can only happen in the present, thus wisdom only comes from transformation, so to obtain this we must come to understand our own suffering.

A lot of people’s lives are wasted on spending more time on regret and worry thus their thoughts are centred in the past and future. We do not have anything other than the presence of now, as our life is only a collection of present moments, so the past is only our present experiences gone by. The future is only events waiting to happen, so it’s pointless to focus on anything other than the present moment where everything happens.

Most people’s focus is on the void between present and the past rather than in the now. This line of thinking still indicates the illusion that we cannot experience the presence of now without focusing on the past and the future. It only results in isolating us from the present.

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