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Being human

by Devaki Sokaris

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MainDevaki head and shoulders in cool black & white wearing round silver frames, and grey buzz cutCategories: 0   Articles: 0   
How do we live a meaningful life in a world that likes to celebrate selfishness, greed and violence?
AutismViolet brush effect infinity symbol set in pastel blue backgroundCategories: 1   Articles: 17   
Society dictates the illusion we must be chasing life to thrive, so how can an autistic person thrive in a world that projects unrealistic expectations and too much noise.
Being youBlack and white figure of person standing on the rocks looking into the water and rocks. ©vjgalaxyCategories: 3   Articles: 31   
Being you is a journey of presence, and one that gains self awareness of who we are and who we are becoming.
MusicDevaki seated with guitar on lap and hand on chin with a classic black and white scenarioCategories: 3   Articles: 41   
The right music can awaken our hearts, enable healing and help us feel the essence of who we really are.
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