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5. Communication with the soul

We are not brought up to open to our inner wisdom, but rather to analyse our life path with the many illusions of the mind.

There is a lot of unreal talk about the soul and how it speaks to us. Communicating with the soul is not a direct line of conversation. Those who believe they are communicating with the soul like this are likely to be communicating with a guide, a trickster guide, or the glamours of their personality telling them what they want to hear. We do have guides that know us, but they rarely have wisdom or are spiritual. For many they are communicating with the glamours of their personality, under the illusion the soul is speaking to them.

The soul speaks to us in a language word cannot express, as it has its own unique language. We do not dial direct to the soul and get a to do list of things the soul wants from us or a list of answers to our questions. The soul is an energy thus it does not speak to us in everyday language, because human language is too limiting to share the soul’s wisdom.

The soul is whispering in our ears much of the time and puts things in front of us, thus it is in constant communication with us, because it is the essence of who we are. The soul communicates through things like symbols, archetypes, dreams, and metaphors. It could also be that sudden inspiration we have to do something, and those things we pass off as coincidences are often the soul showing the way. We may also get flashes of inner knowing, or things that hit us at the physical level bringing pain and suffering to get our attention.

When the personality receives these messages from the soul it will do its best to interpret and make sense of it in human language. Some will get lost in translation or will be misinterpreted, so we need to learn to feel more for clarity and understanding. Usually we will often discover more pieces to the puzzle as the journey evolves in the decisions and choices we make thereafter.

To hear the soul, we must provide an open channel though the heart for the soul to permeate our thoughts feeling and actions. Of course, the soul does still gets through even with resistance, but much of what we could receive will be deaf to the ears, making the path there a more challenging and longer process.

Meditation on the soul plays an important part in soul communication and gaining higher consciousness. You cannot do it without meditation. In meditation we bathe in the light of the soul, and allow it for a moment to overshadow the personality. It needs to be consistent, as over time we are then able to take a small part of the souls light out into our daily lives. When we have an open channel that has a secured connection, it will impact on the quality of meditation, thus not needing to sit for long periods as before. A secured connection also allows us to connect at will during the day.

After meditating for many years we may not need to sit in meditation for as long, because we can go in deep quickly, where as before we may have had to work on that a lot more. I have been meditating for 37 years, and now only sit in meditation with the soul for 15 -30 minutes each morning. I can also connect to the soul at will any time of day when I need to, as the many years of meditation has allowed me to keep the channel open .

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