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Being human

by Devaki Sokaris

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Listen-download-stream music that I have recorded.

This page allows you to listen to songs I have recorded, and download them from your favourite streaming site. You can also read lyrics from recorded and unrecorded songs I have written and read articles on music topics. May you find something here that touches your heart.

Music has its own way of healing when it comes form the heart. Music can heal the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of ourselves in subtle ways. It can trigger aha moments and realisations about ourselves. Music can be cathartic thus it helps us release and let go.

People often relate relaxation and healing music to be only instrumental meditation type music. The genre of music whether it be meditation, folk, pop, country etc is not important. Any music that connects us to our inner essence can be both a spiritual and healing experience.

For music articles see:

Song lyrics that express life’s challenges, love, purpose, and spirituality. For all my song lyrics, see Lyrics.
Music topics
Articles that reflect my opinions about songwriting and the music industry. See Music topics.


Journey of the heart music.

Listen to tracks

These tracks are available as Journey of the Heart from your favourite streaming/download site, and can also be listened to and downloaded on YouTube.

The songs I recorded with other musicians are:
1One heart
2I believe in love
3Emotion rising
4Love is all there is
5No one like you
6Show me how
7Temple of the heart
8How do I love you
9Swept me away

Disc 1, I sang all lead vocals. I sang all backing vocals, except for those by Anne Christine Wold on I believe in love and Love is all there is. All guitars, drums and percussion by Nissim Solomon. Piano and keyboard arrangements by Benjamin de Murashkin.

The songs I recorded with my husband as DevaKnighT are:
1Wrong road out
2Still waters
3Just because you’re you
4I’ve been here before

I sang all lead vocals and played rhythm,lead and finger-style guitar on all tracks. Patanjali Sokaris played lead guitar, mandolin and bass guitar.

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