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Free spirts

The soul speaks to those who follow their hearts

A free spirit lives in the present and lives a life on their own terms. Their identity doesn’t fit into a narrative of labels.

Free spirits are independent, unconventional, and put the true self before people. They live life independently, are guided by their inner voice and know who they are. They are generally open, real, and intuitive.

They will often not stay in the same working place indefinitely, because their sense of belonging does not lie there, but rather to the soul. They cannot be pinned down or owned in any way. Free spirits are honest but quickly learn that for the most part people do not want honesty.

Many of them will be minimalists so they can move around freely. They often change jobs regularly as they they are not interested in being tied down or want to climb any corporate ladder. They will give everything they have to what they put their hand. However, they may not stay there, so their commitment is only to the work given not the company itself.

Many believe free spirits cannot commit which is a misunderstanding. They do not view commitment in the eyes of conventional thinking, which they view as limiting. If they say they are going to do something they will follow through, as they do not say yes to things they do not intend to do, thus they do not make promises they cannot keep.

Free spirits live life with intent and not one of a conventional kind. They are often accused of being rebellious which is a poor excuse to not understand them, because they will not conform to a life that society dictates. Free spirits follow their hearts, hence the reason for not staying with many things, because many things in society do not allow or offer much support to following the heart.

Free spirits are deep thus not really interested in trivia or small talk. They don’t get people who do not question the meaning of life or contemplate. They often will want to explore subjects that many do not want to discuss.

In conclusion all free spirits will not be the same, but they will share a common thread in following their heart’s and in that will embrace a changing path, which may bring unease to the people in their lives who want to control them.

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