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This article is about the relationship we have with our higher selves and how it helps us evolve our best selves.

Some people have trouble connecting with their true selves because there can be many things clouding their perspective of who they think they are, and they often don’t understand what this means for their growth. Connecting to our true essence is the doorway to reality as many things seen through the lens of our personalities are not real. To understand our true selves, we must live beyond the limitations of the mind and embrace our inner essence.

We have all heard of a personal bucket list where we make a list of things we may want to do in a lifetime before we die, but are these really about our purpose in life. It’s not to say that a personal bucket may not have things on it that are meaningful but many are usually to a lesser. Our true essence provides us with lessons in life to grow, so learning who we are does not always bring happiness and success in the way we feel it should.

The door to our hearts must be open to awaken to our true selves. We experience awareness of ourselves through surrender and trust in the universal consciousness. Most people are not brought up to understand anything much deeper than their personalities. The wisdom of our true selves is not understood with an analytical mind. When we connect with the inner, it is not through an intellectual mind, because our true essence is beyond the mind. There is no intellect or analysing that will connect us to the inner wisdom.

Our true selves speak to us in a language words can't explain or express. Awakening to our true essence allows us to discover who we are and what we are truly capable of. During the process of discovering the true self there will be much self-evaluating, and re defining beliefs as the real self is revealed. One of the lessons we are faced with when awakening is how others react to who we have become and how we see the world. Some will walk away from our lives because of the changes in us, and we will also want to part company with others in our lives that may be toxic to our lives.

The personal growth industry talks about fulfilling our potential in life, which is more about self obsession and goals. The truth is revealed within us and not through external processes, thus the truth is not real unless it has been realised within. We cannot learn it from reading books or going to workshops, it only comes with experience. Focusing on career and money as the sole purpose of life is a false identity.

When it comes to purpose, we have many purposes in life, thus there is not one sole purpose to life. Only a portion of our purpose will provide money for support in life. Do people think when we retire, we don't have a purpose anymore. We do because our career is not our soul’s purpose in life. Those who never get that will often go through an identity crisis later, and why we are seeing many with depression in their senior years.

This behaviour stops people getting where they are going because it is undermines purpose in life. It is driven by the personality so they never know when to stop. It is never going to be enough money, or it will be another goal, another step etc which are all delay tactics. Thy will justify it by telling themselves, when I reach the next milestone, I will focus on who I am.

Money will not bring harmony or happiness in all areas of one’s life. Money is an instrument that helps us live and experience life. If our actions with money are in accordance with right livelihood and with the intent to do no harm, this is what the money will become, so how we choose to use money will result in the energy it carries for us. Money is not good or bad thus if we use it in a way that enhances our life for our highest and the lives of others, then it becomes in alignment with what is good.

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