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Please do not wish me merry Christmas or happy new year. Yes, that’s right it doesn’t mean anything to me, and I love it that I do nothing on these days.

Many autistic people have a lot of issues around navigating the stress of gatherings, food and gifting so may want to tone it down for themselves as much as possible, thus they may like Christmas but cannot handle all the sensory overload it comes with. For me I’m happy to do nothing and treat it like any other day.

During these times I stay away from people and all the noise associated with it. The constant prompts for buying, socialising, and the overindulgence of food and alcohol is perpetual and Christmas carols make me block my ears as I don’t like the melodies or the lyrics. The stressed-out energy that fills the masses causes too many sensory processing issues for me as well, so I distance from it, and won’t go out until Christmas and new year is over.

When I was a kid, I didn’t get excited about Christmas or Christmas presents because I thought it was meaningless, so the look on my face when opening presents was probably right even though most of the time my face is never matching what I am feeling which is part of my autistic traits. I don’t like the shallow small talk about new years resolutions, what did you get for Christmas meaningless type conversations. The whole thing is full of glamour and just an excuse to overeat, drink excessively and spend money on things they don’t need or buying other’s things they don’t need.

I don’t celebrate any of the holiday’s seasons in any social, religious, or commercial capacity. I acknowledge these days like any other day but that’s about it because the rest of it is fake to me. I haven’t gifted for Christmas for a couple of decades now. All that wrapping paper and overbuying just trashes the planet with more rubbish and is only promoted to manipulate people so retail can make money.

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