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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

2:Hope is not wishful thinking

Hope is often based on what is not real. Hope not a promise of an outcome that suits what we think will make us feel better. Hope works with the greater consciousness of the universes plan, so it doesn’t work with what we want.

Hope only carries one so far. It is to purely keep one going while they accept and adjust to the changes that are being put in place for one’s growth.

Often when people are told, everything is going to be okay, it is not helpful because we do not know that, and what one is experiencing, does not mean they will feel that everything is ok.

Hope can often be an unrealistic view of the change one wants, rather than what is real. Some of the fears we have may be the reality of what we will have to face, so we will need to come to terms with that in being able to move forward. That can be very hard when what we face is too painful, but another path cannot be taken while we stay in hope of what we expect or want to happen.

One’s faith plays a part in hope. However, faith does not mean we ask the universe to fix our issues or problems, nor do we try to make deals with our faith to fix what we are having issues with. Our faith is not responsible to take away our pain. We must ask our faith what we can do to change our circumstances for the better, not ask it what it can do for us to change things for the better.

Sometimes when we don’t trust life, and the bigger plan for us, our personalities in there attempt to deal with the issues we are experiencing can disrupt what is in place. It’s hard because we want to be kept in the loop of that bigger plan. The lesson for all is to get comfortable with not ever knowing the whole truth, because we may only ever understand it in part.

Even though we may not have all the answers or what is in store for us, nothing is final. There are only new beginnings. It is best to draw on and develop one’s inner strength and wisdom for comfort, and guidance in weathering the storms life gives us.

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