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This article is a concise view of understanding karma.

It’s important to accept and face our karma as we all incarnate with unfinished business. The soul incarnates to learn what it may have neglected in the past thus having an agenda each life to learn, experience and step up if it wants to. What we experience in this life may only be chapter one of many lives. We cannot avoid karma, it is the universal law of cause and effect. Karma is the law of the universe and the universe would cease to exist without it.

This is how balance and adjustment is maintained on the planet. We set our karma by every action, word, or thought we make in life. Karma is self-created and everything will go forth according to this law whether it be good or bad depending on what we set in motion.

Many people look at karma from only their own perspective. When a person says karma is going to get the person who wronged me, they fail to recognize that we are responsible for everything that happens to us and that the person would not have been able to do wrong in the first place if this wasn’t karma they created through past action. Every cause has an effect. We do not get to decide what another person’s karma is when they have wronged us.

Karma and reincarnation go hand in hand. One does not exist without the other, one single lifetime is not enough for the soul to learn, develop, and reap the effects of what causes have been set in motion during the lifetime. To understand karma, it is essential to believe in reincarnation.

Karma is either destined or permitted, meaning some things that happen to us are specifically destined to happen, and other things are permitted. There are also things that will not happen to us because karma does not permit them. It’s true we have karma that can’t be changed. Its best we cooperate as no amount of positive thinking, prayers or affirmations will change this.

There are many types of karma being personal karma, family karma, group karma, money karma, health karma, soul karma, planetary karma and more. The law of karma comes from a place of love so we can become our greater an true selves. It’s designed to lift us not pull us down. Without it we do not become self realised. One of the hardest things to accept is we have done many terrible things in our past lives, and for the sake of sanity we do not remember all these.

The only way we can free ourselves from negative karma is to stop setting up negative causes. We do this by living life more consciously and without doing harm to others. We do this by gaining control of our thoughts, words and actions and live our lives in service to the earth and humanity.


Many people think they do not need to do anything because karma takes care of things.

Sometimes we need to be silent, but we must always discern what active part we may need to do to bring attention of another’s actions. Karma does not always mean we do nothing as it is always a two-way street. Whatever we attract is our responsibility so we will sometimes need to do much more than leave it to karma, otherwise we are creating self-karma for not playing our part.

Just because the outcome for doing what we are meant to does not have favourable outcomes for us, does not mean we took the wrong actions. People seem to think if I do the right thing, I will get instant good karma.

We have a debt to pay off and may need to sacrifice that to pay back our own karma. However, that does not mean good deeds are subtracted from the consequences of our past wrong actions. Past actions are not deducted for a so-called bad actions list. They both have lessons and involve suffering separately.


Many people complain life isn’t fair and are quick to decide what happens to them isn’t fair. How many people really look at their actions and take responsibility of what they created.

Fairness comes about because of awareness and acceptance that each human is differently subject to changes and decisions by others we deem as unfair. We are treated differently because the law of karma determines what is fair in accordance of our actions past and present.

It’s hard to achieve fairness and equality in a world of people who are not perfect, but if we look deeper, we will understand that whatever we receive is the result of our own actions even though those actions may not be right, we are responsible for what happens to us.


Life is a journey thus our choices and actions create our reality so luck does not really exist. What we receive is what we have earned from our past and present choices and decisions.

No two people's paths are the same, so it doesn’t matter if two people do the same thing, the outcome will not be the same. This is called karma, not luck, which is why great things can still happen to people we think are undeserving of it.

Cause and effect has everything to do with the situations and circumstances we experience now. Our here and now is a result of our past actions. Those who don’t understand this find it hard to get their heads around why bad things happen to good people. We haven’t always been good.

We can only make change in the present. There are events in our lives we must go through that will be outside our control, call it fate, but these challenges bring opportunities for us to grow. Free will allows one to choose how they handle these situations. Every outcome in life is a result of the choices one makes.


Justice may not look like justice from another’s perspective, but we are not the ones who decide what that justice should be, as it is not built on our preconceptions.

People often see themselves as victims to bad luck, but our life is not defined by good or bad luck. Many people reference to the justice of karma without understanding it. It is not the eye for an eye that people like to think it is. Its far more complex than that, and it plays a big part in how we evolve as a human being.

When we look at the suffering of others, we have an opportunity to learn compassion. However, what we don’t know, is what that person came to learn, experience and understand for their growth.

Sometimes one may need to sacrifice something so someone else can learn because that is the lesson. It’s never a one-way street. We only ever have snippet of the truth, as there are works in progress, which depend on the decisions and choices we make.

If one doesn’t really understand their patterns, and why they keep attracting things they don’t want, they will will keep manifesting similar outcomes in life, especially if playing the victim card of, I have bad luck’ or bad things always happen to me.

It isn’t enough to recognise the mistake, and then decide the only solution is, I won’t do that again, because the lesson is not that simple, as we need to dig deeper than that. How many times has a person said I won’t do that again, I’ve learned my lesson, only to keep receiving similar outcomes to other decisions? They still have not understood the pattern and, why they keep attracting the same.

Often a person will be adamant they are awake, have a lot of self-awareness, and know what’s right for them. This attitude comes with a lack of awareness and certain immaturity. Until one is willing to take responsibility for how their life turns out, the pattern will remain. Once that is understood, the path is paved with more clarity allowing one to make better life path choices, and decisions that change their lives for the better.

True legacy is karma

The board of karma knows what legacy we are leaving behind, so everyone will be accountable for what they set up while they are here and be responsible for after they leave this world.

We all have a purpose to fulfil, and the souls light is shining on it. Why do people think that is not enough?

Many people do not value the worth of their life unless they are feeling people will remember them is ways that validates their worth after they are gone. Some set out to purposely build a legacy, so they are remembered. This is often self-aggrandising and setting up for an unknown future, thus the cart before the horse.

Our legacy are the seeds planted, they go into the collective consciousness of cause and effect for another time. A real legacy does not have attachment to people. People are not here to be remembered as their preconceptions of what that is. Its best to live in the present, and live life with purpose without attachment to how others remember us.

Thought provoking seeds are about leaving thoughts that don’t focus on self-importance. Those who benefit won’t necessarily remember where the seeds came from. Deep seeds do not go that deep into social media platforms. We must be discerning where we plant seeds so to plant them in a potential fertile ground, allowing them to grow into what they are meant to. Those who have too many attachments to people have difficulty in letting go of what others think of them after they are gone.

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