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Pondering life

by Devaki Sokaris

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Sometimes it’s hard to get our heads around what we’re meant to be doing, and we may need to focus on how our thoughts and feelings are contributing to how much we can make our lives more meaningful.
AutismViolet brush effect infinity symbol set in pastel blue backgroundCategories: 1   Articles: 16   β–³
Society dictates the illusion we must be chasing life to thrive, so how can an autistic person thrive in a world that projects unrealistic expectations and too much noise.
Being youBlack and white figure of person standing on the rocks looking into the water and rocks. Β©vjgalaxyCategories: 3   Articles: 32   β–³
Being you is an intentional journey in the present, and one that gains self awareness of who we are and who we are becoming.
MusicDevaki seated with guitar on lap and hand on chin with a classic black and white scenarioCategories: 3   Articles: 41   β–³
The right music can awaken our hearts, enable healing and help us feel the essence of who we really are.
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