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Devaki Sokaris

Music that touches the heart

My music journey

Growing up in New Zealand, it was common to go to parties where someone would have a guitar, and voice to sing along with. People used to tell me I had a good voice, which I never took much notice of.

My father bought me a guitar when I was 9 years old. I only took interest in it for a couple of months, so it ended up being something he played. When my brother was visiting me in Australia, he bought himself a guitar, and on returning to New Zealand decided to leave it with me. It ended up in a cupboard only to be thrown out several years later, as the neck had warped badly beyond repair.

In 2000 the year I got married, my now husband heard me singing, and said I did not know you could sing, I thought ‘here we go again’. I let him persuade me to buy a guitar. It also was not until then I found out he could mix and master music.

In 2002 we moved from Daylesford to Melbourne where I began to write songs for my love is album. We started to record the songs for the album 2003. I hired some session musicians to accompany my songs. Patanjali recorded my voice and mixed and mastered the album. It was released into music stores in 2004.

In 2006 we moved to Sydney. In 2012 Patanjali became interested in playing guitar and later went on to playing mandolin, and bass guitar. We then decided to form a folk duo called DevaKnighT, where I continued to write the lyrics and music.

In 2013 Patanjali began to build a soundproof recording studio in our lounge room. In 2013 we recorded 4 studio quality recordings with video which was challenging, as we did the video at the same time as the studio recording.

For financial reasons in 2016 we pulled down the recording studio and sold all the musical and recording equipment. I bought a Taylor Gs mini, so I could continue to write and sing. In 2017 we moved to Canberra.

In 2019 we decided to pull the DevaKnight label. I For the moment I am writing new songs and uploading raw, unplugged, and stripped-down versions of new and old songs to YouTube and LinkedIn. What the future holds for the music is unknown at present.

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