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Normal is not a word that should be used to describe anyone. Normal is a one size fits all illusion that has been projected onto us se we can be managed for other people’s gain.

We live in a world where many don’t know who they are and what they are here for. There is constant noise telling us be this and do that. We are told this is for our benefit in life to thrive when these intentions do not have our best interests at heart. People are more consumed in telling us who to be rather than minding their business and focusing on their own lives.

Mental illness is on the rise as people are becoming more insecure as they try to conform to an unrealistic way of being in life. I grew up being repeatedly told you’re not normal like other kids so you need to fit in, and from I could see the other kids were blindly following societies prescription for a so called normal.

We are all neurodiverse, but of course we are not all neurodivergent. The world is diverse, and that means we don’t fit into a one size fits all neat box whether we are neurodivergent or not. We are not here to fit in but rather we are here to be ourselves. Our differences should unite us rather than divide us.

Neuronormativity tries to simplify people so they can be managed, and this unhealthy concept tends to view anything outside this as inferior. Projecting a goal in life to be this way stops people thriving in life. Neurotypical isn’t an issue unless it becomes the only acceptable neurotype. Neuronormativity is a problem because it also harms neurotypical people in thinking they must live a certain way to fit in with the masses.

There is no normal type of brain or mind or right way to be cognitively functioning in life. If autism is a spectrum so is any neurotype because we are not all the same. Classing neurotypicals as typical because their brains look similar is no more stupid than saying because all autistic brains look similar, we are all the same.

Society wants to control us, so they try to brainwash people into following trends, spending money, influencing how we how think, behave and so much more. We not here to be puppets dangling from a piece of string so we can be manipulated for other’s selfish gains. Our governments do not have our best interests at heart, and they certainly don’t want us to be ourselves, because it does not line their pockets with money to to spend on meaningless things that don’t support human beings.

No matter how our brain looks we are all individuals with a purpose in life and have our own unique way of living our lives, so there is no normal cognitive way to look at life or approach it. The only way is to say no and live life on our own terms rejecting the projections of normal by society. We need to embrace neurodiversity and reject neuronormativity because it does not exist.

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