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Spiritual musician-writer

Now is all there is

In the moment, now is all there is.

There was once a life that lived in the past
A life where a false self couldn’t last
Many illusions were cut with a sharp knife
Now it like it was someone else’s life
In the stillness
Now is all there is

Deep within our hearts there is so much more
There we truly find what we came here for
Don’t listen to the voice of mind control
Cause only the heart will lead you to your soul
In the stillness
Now is all there is

There is no other place, we should begin
Than to seek the path of truth within
That’s all there is
Cause the heart is the gateway to the soul
And when you get there you will know

The soul speaks in a language words can’t express
Cause the thoughtforms of the mind, are often a mess
Deep within the heart of our souls
The gentle whispers of wisdom always knows
In the stillness
Now is all there is, all there is, all there is

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