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Using other people’s ideas, insights, information, writing’s and passing them off as one’s own is stealing. It is not only morally wrong, but it is plagiarism.

Many copy-paste word for word and other’s attempting to deceive others, may try to make it look like their own by not writing word for word, but rather a few interleaving words around it to potentially disguise it as their own material. When it is your own work’s, you recognise it immediately. It does not make any difference whether it is accidental or intentional, as it is still classed as plagiarism. In many cases when you see it as a pattern in someone’s behaviour, it will be intentional.

Wisdom comes from our own transformation so haring someone else’s knowledge as you own is not wisdom. If we do not bring our own understanding to our experiences in life and have transformed from them, we will not have our own wisdom to share or really be able to help others. Many of these people are claiming they have transformed from life experiences in their writings, yet they steal other people’s material, which clearly says they are a fraud or fake.

Using other people’s material to gain leverage is an illusion, and riding on a false authority of someone’s else back. It does not prove they can help others, because they will be incapable of imparting it further or explaining to others, as they have no experience or understanding of how that person arrived that wisdom. They will eventually come undone and look a fool.

Posting a lot of quotes on social media, s not plagiarism if the person is given full credit with a link to them. However, this tells others that they do not have their own content and expect to be praised for finding a good quote on someone else's wisdom. It says nothing about how they can help other people or what their understanding is of anything. It basically adds no value. It basically adds no value, yet people do it for the glamours of likes and popularity.

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