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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

Remember who you are?

Many people are wanting to discover their life purpose. It connects you with your inner truth and wisdom at a deeper level and puts you on track with your higher potential.

If you feel like a door has just swung open, and you find yourself wanting to live a more meaningful life and understand your life purpose and destiny, you are waking up to who you are. It’s not that you inner hasn’t been trying to get you to listen for most of your life but it is now that you are beginning to hear it’s calling.

You may find that you feel at a cross road, and people and places just don’t resonate with you like before. You might be having more conflict with others and feel you don’t fit in their world anymore. You could be questioning your relationships, where you are living and the career you’ve chosen.

All these things are a major transition in life, as your inner is pushing you to step up and be all you can be.

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