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Self discovery is a journey of intentional presence with life and one that helps us gain self awareness and understand our true selves.

While what we are drawn to do in life largely creates what we have become, our purpose is all about what we came to learn, experience, and understand. It doesn’t mean we are going to love all our purposes, change the world, leave a legacy behind, or succeed how we think. We have many purposes so when you hear someone say they have finally found their purpose, it is just another stepping-stone as we evolve.

Learning lessons may be hard but facing them is best, so not to create more lessons. A person can have lots of experience in life, yet not have much self-awareness. Self-awareness is being able to view our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviour from a detached perspective, so we can learn from what has been observed. To step outside our experiences is to reflect and seek the inner for understanding. Change only happens with acceptance and living within the awareness of what we have discovered about ourselves.

It is pointless to say I wish I knew then what I know now, I’d do it differently. Living in the past isn’t real, we must stay in the present to understand why we are where we are now. Unless transformation takes place from the past, no wisdom is gained. Self-discovery is not a fast track where we can do 10 years work in a few weeks. If we make good use of our mileage, we can reach a place of much more acceptance, and peace with our lives.

If we want to experience the heart, we must open the door rather than polish the knob on the door. Looking at the past for an identify and the future for a better life is not real. We do not experience reality when we have one foot out the door looking in the past, and the other to the future. The heart lives in the presence of now so we deal with our past in the present not the past. We are already experiencing the consequences of our past in the present so healing can only happen in the present.

A lot of people’s lives are wasted on spending more time on regret and worry thus their thoughts are centred in the past and future. We do not have anything other than the presence of now, as our life is only a collection of present moments, so the past is only our present experiences gone by. The future is only events waiting to happen, so it’s pointless to focus on anything other than the present moment where everything happens. Focusing on the past isolates us from awareness in the present to deal with life issues.

We all grow at different rates, thus we must learn to accept where other people are too. It is best to meet people where they are as our path is to focus on our own life. However, sometimes we move on from people so not to limit our own growth. People will sometimes try to keep us the same, so they feel safe and why many relationships end because the limitation of staying there becomes too great. People will come and go from life, that’s to be expected and how it is supposed to be.

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