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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants


Our worth is not measured by what people say to or think of us. It is an inner knowing thus not found outside ourselves. That inner knowing cannot be shaken by another person’s opinion.

If we place a need for people to constantly tell us we good, we are never going to believe it much longer than the words said.

People have limited thinking which clouds their perception of who they really are so being told ‘we are worth it’ or ‘we have got this’ are platitudes thus unlikely to change anything. Platitudes carry an empty non-committed gesture and doesn’t tell anyone how to do it.

The best way this can be done is by doing inner work that brings about the ability to overcome these false perceptions of worth which aligns us with our true self and helps us to feel and remember the value we bring to life.

There are people who come from a loving environment and are told of their worth by their families and given a lot of support.

Many of these people will still grow into adults with low self-worth issues because they have negative perceptions about themselves, so no matter of validation will change how they think about themselves if within they don’t believe it.

If we integrate all parts of ourselves and find acceptance in who we are it can be more possible to see the value, we bring to ourselves and others. We do learn much of our patterns in early life repeating these patterns until we recognize them as learned and not who we are. This is all part of the plan for us to rediscover who we really are.

I believe in taking on those learned patterns we take on the complexity of someone else’s dysfunction. No wonder people are confused and don’t know their worth. We are constantly trying to get out of the way of ourselves and other people don’t help when they want to complicate what we are trying to simplify.

We spend a lot of life throwing out the garbage that doesn’t belong to us which we can’t blame anyone for as we willingly took them on as our own. We repeat the patterns until we recognize them, and for some they can’t let them go.

People with issues from their past will project things that are not there by thinking and feeling something is wrong with them when they are not getting the response or what they expect from another person so concerning themselves with things that are not real.

Being told we are good or worthy by others even if helps is only a band aide with a short life as we need to feel this about ourselves to feel it as true.

Sometimes we may want to check in with someone we trust to get perspective back as this can work at times to get our own answers while the other person may have acted as a sounding board for clarity.

We will all feel low self-worth at times in our life. This can be a perfect time to look at whether what you are doing is bringing purpose to your life.

Sometimes low worth is just an indication to check in with being on track because it’s time for change for the better instead of following the same patterns and habits which no longer serve your highest.

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