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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

Thought-provoking snippets

Thought-provoking snippets to ponder on.

Spiritual perspective ^

Spiritual perspective allows one to view their life from a place of something that serves their highest good and greater than them giving one’s life more meaning and purpose.

Bridging the gap ^
Discovering your true essence and gifts bridges the gap between your inner self, and outer reality giving you a better sense of inner peace, direction and insight about the life waiting for you to live it.
Enlightenment ^
Enlightenment is the final state of being where one has no desires or suffering. It is a change in one’s perspective that enables them to see differently allowing one to become unattached to people, places and all things. Every step towards enlightenment is another step of self-awareness, however the more self-awareness is gained, all will not be revealed as positive.
Heart ^
Living from the heart comes from a place of intuitiveness and requires you to grow a stronger relationship with yourself, gain more self-awareness, and honor your inner wisdom.
Inner ^
We need to accept and embrace our darkness to own our light.
Inner journey ^
We walk our path alone and must take that inner journey by ourselves as no one can walk the path for us, but those who walk with us for some of our journey help to teach us more about ourselves, the world around us, and our purpose in this world.
Intent ^
Right intent is everything. It comes from the pure of heart and does not have an agenda.
Intentional living ^
Living with intention can still be wrong intent. Our thoughts are a forerunner to our actions. To live with right intent means one’s actions and thoughts are from a place of renunciation, goodwill and compassion rather than intent to desire and harm.
Kindness ^
True kindness is wisdom of the heart.
Knowledge ^
Unless transformation is gained from knowledge there will be no wisdom, and without wisdom, there is no right use of knowledge.
Spiritual lessons ^
Most people see lessons as only mistakes and wrong choices not to be repeated thus learned in hindsight. Spiritual lessons are also the grief, divorce, heartbreak, illnesses (mental and physical) etc as we are given them to work through to understand ourselves.
Spiritual path ^
Following a spiritual path requires one to focus on fulfilling the needs of the higher self rather than desires of the personality. Spiritual growth involves cooperating with actions that don’t serve the personality and ones that improve life on earth.
The long haul of evolving ^
In the long run, drawing on your inner truth about purpose in life is more effective than pushing yourself to reach goals that may end up being driven by the glamour’s and desires of your personality, or what other people want for you, rather than what’s real to your path.
The middle path ^
Walking the middle path gives you a better sense of balance in all things, so we are not excessive one way or the other. It requires you to trust life. It is in this state we come to be in the present where opposites will exist around us. Its best to view it as not a path between two paths but rather a different path that doesn’t go to extremes.
True self ^
When we align with our highest good we don’t have to be fuelling a fire for the sake of it. Once we stop looking to find our true self, we allow it to find us.
Truth ^
The truth is not coated by sugar while humanity lives blindsided by the suffering before us.
Wisdom ^
Wisdom can be obtained at any age if one overcomes their challenges. One must make the most of their mileage.

Purpose ^

Purpose is the reason for our existence. Everything we learn, overcome and experience has a purpose which contributes to our purpose in life.

Best potential ^
Living your life purpose doesn’t revolve around one sole thing whether it be your relationship, career or something else. As well as the unique gifts you bring and share with the world you have spiritual lessons to learn that help to evolve your soul to its best potential.
Evolving ^
The more we stay connected to our inner wisdom we will keep discovering the bigger picture of who we truly are. Your inner true self awaits your discovery.
Future purpose ^
Many of life’s purposes can be running at the same time in our personal and professional lives. We often get clues and snippets of purpose to come in the future if we pay attention. Those insights are just preparing us to for the change to come.
Goals ^
Align your goals with your purpose as the better you connect with your heart the more your path is illuminated with what you need for your growth, so you don’t have to worry about what you need as it will be shown to you.
Inner world ^
We all come into this world with our own unique purpose to fulfil. We already have the answers within ourselves to fulfil that purpose, but when we immerse in the noise it is hard to hear what the inner is trying to tell us.
Invest in yourself ^
Sometimes there are people in life who are just invested in not wanting to understand you, but they don’t matter. It only matters that you are you no matter the consequences. You are here to become who you truly are, and you don’t get to do that by following other people’s rules.
Journey ^
The journey between your head and heart may be the longest journey you will ever take but it will be the most enlightening one you will ever have.
Limitations ^
It’s better to see limitations as the gifts you came to work with rather than view them as what’s stopping you achieve your best in life as they can be the gems for real growth.
Perfection ^
We are here to become our best potential thus are always a work in progress. None of us will reach our full potential in a lifetime. Healthy perfection is striving to be your best and accepting that’s as perfect as it gets.
Purpose ^
You don’t get to live your purpose by following other people’s rules.
Soul guided life ^
Living a life that is guided by the soul allows you to connect with your inner guidance. It accelerates your growth and creates opportunities and possibilities for you that were not there before.
Value ^
We all have a purpose to serve, it is understanding the value and worth in what we bring that inspire others to bring about change for the better in their own lives.

Self-awareness ^

Self-awareness is about being able to view yourself, thoughts, beliefs and your behaviour from a detached perspective so you can learn from what you have observed. It helps you become more aware of your strengths, weaknesses, and patterns. It allows you to understand your values, beliefs and personability traits. It is a key factor in understanding oneself.

Be aware of the journey ^
People miss opportunities because they are often clouded by their goals and desires so do not notice the subtleness of the many opportunities that come along because they are focused on the destination rather being aware of the journey they are taking.
Boundaries ^
Boundaries are our sanctuary for inner reflection and safety. We need them to obtain new perspective more peacefully.
Choices ^
We all make choices in life, and, in the end, those choices make us!
Comparing ^
We are much more than we are not. As soon as one realizes the value they bring to humanity they will see they are different and have no need to compare.
Dreams ^
Reminiscing on your past dreams isn’t useful now as they are unlikely to be real for you and may never have been. It can be the very thing that is in your way of what steps to take in moving forward.
Evolving ^
When you move forward, you often get out of the way of others, which also helps them see changes for the better.
Friends ^
Friends can be in a moment a week and are not determined by the amount of time they stick around. When people leave your life, it doesn’t mean they were not sincere. Its only in one’s attachment that they believe that. years. Real isn’t determined by time.
Habit ^
Humans are creatures of habit and need to check in with what they are doing as sometimes it’s time to move forward with the next steps on one’s journey.
Obstacles ^
You may meet with obstacles on your path, but don’t allow yourself to become one of them.
Perspective ^
We all come from different walks of life, so we are going to have different perspectives on things. Smart people can learn from those they don’t share the same values and opinions.
Reflection ^
Others mirror back to us what we need to heal within ourselves. It is often the kindred souls that push our buttons the most. Every interaction, conflict, shared perspective mirrors some truth about who we are.
Self ^
The integration of all parts of one’s self is important and really the only way a person can bring their true self consistently wherever they go.
Words ^
Words that don’t align with actions are to manipulate control rather than pure of heart.

Qualities ^

Personal qualities are part of what creates our personalities and can be the positive attributes that supports what we become in life.

Compassion ^
We are here to learn compassion but each of our paths take different avenues to teach us that. Developing love and compassion brings peace and inner strength to oneself and purpose.
Friendship ^
Friendship can be exchanged in a moment in time and may even run deeper than those one has known for years.
Grounded ^
To be grounded means experiencing what is happening in the physical by being centred and balanced regardless of one’s circumstance or what’s going on.
Happiness ^
Happiness is a state of being and cannot be maintained always. If we choose to be grateful, we will experience more happiness.
Humility ^
Humility means recognizing that all we are, we have not done alone. We have been assisted by people, and divine forces seen, and unseen making it all possible.
Patience ^
We don’t see the signs when we have our focus on expectations. Those in a hurry don’t get there faster than those who have patience.
Proud ^
Pride has a lot to do with the personality but the worth of your life is between oneself and soul, so one can be proud in living a life according to the wishes of one’s soul.

Suffering ^

Suffering is part of life upon earth, but it is also one of our greatest teachers.

Attachment ^
When we have attachment to outcomes it doesn’t allow us to see possibilities and opportunities that change life for the better.
Be present ^
Don’t dwell on the past and dream about what the future may be. Be present in the here and now! This is where your life begins and unfolds.
Compassionate listening ^
Compassionate listening is allowing another to speak without interruptions or judgement. Its not about you, its about the person speaking. We listen with intent to help another express themselves allowing some relief from suffering.
Hope ^
Hope is something that helps a person believe their situation will get better. It gives them energy to keep going. It is in letting go of control you find ways to see differently given opportunities and possibilities that may be in front.
Pedestal ^
When a person puts one on a pedestal they transfer an unreal ideal onto them. They will ignore the things that the person does because they want so much for them to be the illusion of the ideal they created. It all comes crashing down as they see the human person they chose to be blindsided to. Its unhealthy and never ends well.
Soul ^
The soul is not concerned with the pain the personality experiences. It creates personalities, but one’s personality is far from perfect so if the soul needs to bring learning for growth a person will experience this.
Suffering ^
If one can feel a sense of something greater than their suffering, it brings hope of change for the better. Through experiencing pain, we must find contentment once again.
The past ^
Being clouded by an image of what you wanted a lifetime ago is a recipe for false suffering and disruption to the life waiting for you to live it.
The path ^
The path to purpose includes pain and suffering as one lives through the experience, learning and lessons the soul provides for one to understand who they truly are.
World peace ^
We are not separate from humanity, so it is important what our actions and thoughts are as have an impact on the world. The suffering of others is our responsibility because we have added to the world situation in some way however small it may be positive or negative.

Challenges ^

Challenges build inner strength and help you grow.

Challenges ^
Learn to view challenges as the flow of life. You don’t have to feel challenged to change when that is your intent as you are just embracing what helps you grow. No one changes without the willingness to face false perceptions about themselves or situation.
Control ^
Being able to take control of your life means focusing on what you can control and allow what you can’t to ride its course.
Major life issues ^
Focus on what is highly relevant as you often deal with many issues as a result. Daily improvement rather than long term goals is best thus seeing progress in motion and helps with any feeling of overwhelm.

Transformation ^

Transformation in one’s life brings a shift in consciousness and new perspective.

Change ^
Change is not effective until one overcomes and evolves through the false perceptions they have about their situation or circumstances.
Choices ^
If you want to have a better life that they can be in control of you will have to make changes in what you think and do. After all, that is what your inner expects from you, and provides you with challenges to learn and make better choices, so you can live a better life.
Choose a path ^
While it is always good to keep your eye on the bigger picture to stay on track and inspired, if you keep that bigger picture as your only destination you don’t allow it to transform into something more than you thought.
Leaps of faith ^
Life presents many situations where we need to take leaps of faith and in those leaps of faith we learn to see the opportunity in the leap rather than an attachment to a particular outcome.

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