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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

Spiritual and intuitive psychology

Language of the soul

Inner work through spiritual psychology and intuitive psychology is transformational in bringing elevated awareness of one’s higher self and relationship to the greater consciousness and self-awareness that gives much insight and clarity about one’s life.

Spiritual psychology is dealing with oneself from a spiritual perspective thus communicating with the language of the soul. It embraces one’s true self rather than the desires and perceptions of the personality.

Spiritual psychology digs deeper in the self-bringing about transformation, healing and heartfelt self-growth.

Listening to one’s inner wisdom for answers and guidance in life is a more effective way to integrate your lessons. It speeds up one’s evolution and can be quite challenging as a result, but this approach has the potential for a person to move through with more grace in evolving one’s self and consciousness.

Using Intuitive psychology to facilitate growth through spiritual inner work knows the right questions to ask and hones into what’s needed in the present thus bringing highly relevant insight and clarity to help a person change their life.

This can fast track what many traditional psychology sessions take for dealing with blocks and can help a person make significant progress towards creating a life that they resonate with allowing them to move forward with new perspective and make better life choices.

Psychologists work from a personality perspective, instead of what a person’s higher self (soul) needs of the personality, so they will work with people to fulfil what might work the best for the person's personality.

When you work with spiritual psychology to identify what your higher self wants of the personality, you evolve and identify things more quickly, because you are working with the soul rather than against the soul’s agenda, which is setting up circumstances for you to learn your lessons.

A lot of my method was to use intuitive psychology to fast track information and open clarity quickly for a person to see things themselves. Sometimes you just need to know where to look.

Through my own work with clients I found that using intuitive counselling with a spiritual perspective was transformational in helping a person understand themselves and life transitions.

Effective methods used in spiritual psychology are:

  1. a.Guided imagery
  2. b.Intuitive counselling
  3. c.Personal growth mentoring
  4. d.Spiritual healing therapy
  5. e.Meditation for higher consciousness, cleansing

Some things to ponder on are:

  1. 1.Your future depends on how you respond to the present.
  2. 2.You are responsible for what you experience in life.
  3. 3.You are a spiritual being living a human life.
  4. 4.Your disturbances are not created on the outer.
  5. 5.True transformation happens through inner work.
  6. 6.Non-attachment will free you from suffering.
  7. 7.You are here to learn spiritual lessons.

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