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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

Living a spiritual life

From the universe's perspective everything is unfolding as it should, so to live a spiritual life means to trust god. It is only our personalities that believe the world is against us. When we surrender we begin to free ourselves from the fear and doubt our personality has created for us.

We all have spiritual purpose and are here to follow the path our soul wants for us to be our best potential. Our personality ego experiences neediness and wants to control life. Many try to feed that emptiness with money, power, and sex only to find it does nothing to fill the void for true connection to source.

The only way to deal with these illusions is to see oneself in the light. Even though we are spiritual beings we don’t always feel like life is spiritual so many will often need to remind themselves of their spiritual purpose.

Meditation and healing are extremely important to living a spiritual life and for some therapy is going to be necessary. We need to purify our thoughts and feeling thus work through some of the anger, fear and guilt we carry otherwise trying to live a spiritual life will present with many inner conflicts.

People must learn to have compassion and kindness towards themselves, and accept they are doing the best they can with where they are now in their consciousness. We are always a work in progress.

Many people are obsessed with control, worry, and doubts. Allowing your soul to lead you allows you to share your gifts with humanity. The soul will reveal itself more over time as you embrace your true essence and spiritual self allowing more trust in your life’s unfolding journey.

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