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A spiritual path involves cooperating with actions that do not serve the personality and ones that improve life on earth.

The spiritual path gives us a more real sense of our true selves and our place in the universe and is how we decide to live our lives. The spiritual journey is about the choices we make and the lessons we choose to learn. The spiritual path is all about how we are evolving our true selves, so we are all here to walk a spiritual path, but most don’t know it. When we radiate our true selves, we radiate love, compassion, and kindness.

People over analyse a spiritual path and as soon as we do that we are outside the presence of spirituality. We are all here to serve and the heart is the gateway to our true selves. Love transforms us and is not about doing, thus it does not need to be intellectualised through words as it just flows through us. Spirituality is not intellectual, it is the very substance we are made of as spiritual beings.

Spiritual awareness allows us to go beyond the limitations of the mind’s fixation with the past and future, thus we feel more aligned with our spiritual selves. To live with spiritual awareness means we realise who we are not who we think we are. Finding peace within comes from the real sense of who we are, and when we have this we start we see the world how it is, not how we are.

Spiritual awareness helps to free us from the unhealthy neediness and attachment to personal relationships with others. We then enjoy the relationships for what they are without attachment to outcomes. Many have the knowledge and some understanding of themselves, but to experience soul awareness requires us to place more importance on our relationship with our higher selves.

Even though we have free will, our personality is in not really in charge, thus we do not get endless rope to continually undermine what’s best for our highest good. The soul isn’t interested in the details of how we have gone about something but rather what our choices and attitudes were while making those decisions. If we allow the personality to run amok choosing a path of serving our desire’s, we will likely be headed for a fall down the track. We may then find we will have to redeem ourselves from something greater than before.

Choosing a path where we take responsibility for the consequences of our actions, may afford one some grace in the process, but we are only fooling ourselves if we think we are then in control of our lessons. It is not a matter of if we will then fall when creating a path out of bad choices and decisions, as it depends on how much rope we have when the fall occurs. Rope in the interim gives us an opportunity to choose the right path.

It’s important what decisions and choices we then make going forward. This will determine how hard we may fall, as what’s in motion cannot be changed, but riding the storm, rather than resisting, may make the fall a little softer. We might not always love our life purposes and lessons. However, cooperating with them brings a better sense of peace, fulfilment, and purpose to our lives.


Spirituality is a broad term for all things people believe to be spiritual, thus the meaning can be vague.

Spirituality means different things to people. We are all on different paths but essentially, we are all here for spiritual growth even if we do not recognise it as that. If someone says they are spiritual, it doesn’t tell us much, as they have their own ideas of what being spiritual is, and it may be a path that has been too compromised to suit their personality wants, rather than having spiritual perspective for all we know.

A spiritual path requires us to focus on fulfilling the needs of our highest good rather than the desires of the personality. In other words, we cooperate with actions that do not serve the personality and ones that improve life on earth.

Many people only circle the surface of spiritual matters, and often conveniently convert them into what they want and then call themselves spiritual. This is because the personality is at play, not the higher self. When this happens people are under the illusion, they can manipulate things into having what they desire in life, but a fool believes they are in control of their spiritual lessons.

The universal consciousness does not take care of everything as we are responsible for ourselves. The universe responds to our thought, feelings, and actions so it is only cooperating with what we manifest through our own thoughts, feelings, and actions, thus we are at the consequences of our own actions. Challenges that fall our way are for our spiritual growth whether we consider themselves spiritual or not. Our inner supports us in taking control of our own lives, thus expects us to be mindful of what our thoughts, feeling and actions are creating in our lives.

Personality vs Ego

In a psychological term, the ego is only a small part of the thinking consciousness. When we are dealing with the total personality there is much more going on.

The personality involves a lot more directing consciousness than just ideas of identity (sense of self). The personality carries the emotional, mental and the physical. I use the term personality because it deals with the totality of the personality self, not just one aspect thus the ego, as that limits the broader aspect of the lower self and its relationship with the higher self.

It is not easy to define the higher mind in objective terms. Analysis will not help us understand the higher mind, as we must be it rather than talk about it. When we try to describe it, we have automatically become outside it. The higher mind is very definitive when we are in there, but we are only in the higher mind at times because the personality pulls us out of it. The higher minds nature needs to be experienced thus we cannot separate our consciousness from it and experience it.

We must be open to it and then it will be revealed. We cannot think our way in there. Trying to describe it takes us out of the space of being able to experience it. Thoughts of the higher mind are definitive but they hard to describe, as the higher mind is highly subjective. It demands being identified with so if you cannot objectify it, you are outside it.

The lower mind is about logic. We need an anchor which gives a sense of what is real, thus we need the higher mind so we can have right thought.One effective way to engage the higher mind is to sit in contemplation and ask, what is the truth. You must be open and stop analysing.

You sit in quiet and offer up questions to you inner. The answers may come in the siting or at a completely different time when you least expect it. You must give space, be patient and allow it to seep into your subconscious without analysing it, thus allow it to do its work in your subconscious, sleep on it. During the sitting and outside the sitting you must be present and aware, because answers may come in the form of symbols, archetypes, and dreams. The inner speaks to us in a language words cannot often express.

Right balance

Walking the middle requires us to trust life and is a path gives us a better sense of balance in all things, so we are not excessive one way or the other.

The eightfold path brings together the balance of right action on the path and does not ask one to make unrealistic sacrifices and changes to life. One must do what’s right for them within reason. Going to extremes may cause far too many imbalances to the inner bodies and take one away from the very thing they are trying to manifest.

Walking the middle path gives us a better sense of balance in all things, so we are not excessive one way or the other and requires us to trust life. It is in this state we come to be in the present where opposites will exist around us. Its best to view it as not a path between two paths but rather a different path that does not go to extremes.

There are things we may want to embrace whether it be how much time we give to meditation, become vegetarian-vegan and other practices we may feel bring benefit to our experience of spirituality. The important thing is not to try and do things that bring unnecessary suffering or risks to the health for the sake of spirituality.

People will come and go from our lives as we change. The inner will guide us on what we need to change whether it be food, exercise, people, places, career, and other things. There will be some tweaking, and letting go, and although this may feel challenging, balance is all about simplifying life. Some may want to be more free spirited incorporate some spiritual philosophies into their way of life, whereas others may be searching for a spiritual philosophy to call home.

Inner guidance

The inner wisdom is deep within our hearts and when we realise the voice in our heads is not the true self, it is a very freeing moment.

The inner wisdom is deep within our hearts and when we realise the voice in our heads is not the true self, it is a very freeing moment. Silence is found in the stillness and within that stillness we hear the whispers of inner wisdom. The voice in our heads is only the minds constant chatter because the personality likes attention and wants to live in the past. Our minds are basically a mess running many thought forms and constant mind chatter separates us from experiencing the real self.

In the outer world we are constantly presented with different versions of the truth by society, and illusions of what is real. Developing a better relationship with the higher self allows a person to discern whether what they hear is what they want to hear and what's real which is why meditation and contemplation are important as they connect us to the higher self.

Leaps of faith are part our spiritual lessons to grow. If we do not understand the nature of the leap we will likely focus on an attachment and why we often hear a person say their choice was a mistake after a leap, because from their perspective they did not get what they wanted. Chances are they did make the right decision but then dismissed the opportunities given and then place blame on the decision when it doesn't turn out how they wanted it to. This may be because they never really trusted their decision or understood the opportunity it may have provided in the first place.

Every decision we make gives us an opportunity to learn from it, and not repeat patterns that disrupt our growth. When we learn from leaps of faith future ones will have outcomes we may understand better because we have become more aligned with what's right for our lives. Focusing on material needs does not allow to make decisions that can give our lives meaning thus change life for the better. Leaps are not all about getting what we want, but rather what we need to understand ourselves and path in life.


Imagine a world where people filtered their thoughtforms, their words were more concise, and they only spoke when relevant and important.

Our words are the channel for our energy but not the focus of what we already carry. For this reason, words are not always required, yet people continue to talk too much. To analyse too much creates little silence for the inner to speak to us. Silence allows us the space in between, to feel thus we must discover it from experience, not belief. People are so afraid of silence they avoid it all costs, so they speak for the sake of speaking comforted by the sound of their own voices in the illusion that noise creates connection and proof of life.

Idle conversation for sake of talking becomes an energy waster so if we speak less and contemplate more, we come to realise we do not need to tell the world about many of our thoughts and feelings. The human mind is often uneasy, so when the mind is calmer words will be less. Meditation is an important part of experiencing the stillness but until get some control over our senses, it is hard to control the mind and focus on stillness. Silence is the gateway to our inner wisdom so if we talk less and feel more, we connect more with our real selves.

We are human

We are spiritual beings having a human life, yet we keep telling people they should not be human. Now that’s silly because we are here to evolve through living a human life.

We live in a body with a mind so when we talk about getting out of the way of ourselves we know this is a constant work in progress, so to keep on pointing out to people how unevolved they are, by reminding them they are not nearly there is generally not helpful to their growth.

Stating the obvious does not change anything, we are where we are until we're not thus it is our journey. Its not our place to try and make people feel smaller for where they are. Helping others on the path can be done in much gentler ways, otherwise we will only sound like we are parroting some textbook with a teacher stick and wonder why people want to switch off.

Telling people we are not the body or the mind, and everything we see is an illusion doesn’t help people understand themselves. Especially when we are then told what we think about ourselves isn’t the true self. Although true throwing off stand alone statements like this only makes people feel inadequate for where they are in life. Having knowledge does not necessarily show another how well we have evolved with knowledge, because without transformation it is just information. Our wisdom is shown by the way we meet the world and how we live our lives.

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