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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

7:The cause of suffering

Desires to things and people are the cause of suffering because attachments are transitory, so loss will be inevitable.

Things in the universe are changing all the time so joyful moments need to be embraced rather than expect them to stay the same. This also means difficult times will not last forever either.

There are healthy and necessary attachments, which is why a baby or child is attached to its parents as it has needs it can’t provide for itself.

Attachment in relationships also causes suffering because a person is needing their partner to be in an unchanged state, so they can depend on them.

Non-attachment is living your life without your happiness being defined on what the outcome will be.

Any true source of peace, happiness and contentment is not provided by anything outside of oneself although the illusion is there that it exists.

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