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11. The silence

How do you create silence in a world of constant inner and outer noise?

Imagine a world where peoples thought forms were filtered and their words more concise, and they only spoke when relevant, and important.

Our words are the channel for our energy but not the focus of what we already carry. For this reason, words are not always required, yet people continue to talk too much. This is because they over think and process outwardly too much of their thoughts.

To analyse too much, creates little silence in self -discovery. Silence allows us the space in between, to feel thus we must discover it from experience, not belief. It is in discovering our true selves we will understand many things.

To know silence, it must be experienced on the inner to bridge the gap between the inner and outer world, thus a person who speaks little does not mean they have an uncluttered mind.

People are so afraid of feeling they avoid silence at all costs, so they speak for the sake of speaking, comforted by the sound of their own voices. They live in the illusion that noise creates safety or proof of life.

Many on a spiritual path will speak less and contemplate more, because they come to realise, they do not need to tell the world about many of our thoughts and emotions. Idle conversation, small talk and meaningless conversation becomes an energy waster.

A human mind is often uneasy, so when the mind is calmer words will be less, allowing for spiritual gain. Meditation is an important part of experiencing silence. However, until we get some control over our senses, it is hard to control the mind and focus on meditation. This why many have difficulty with meditation so give up.

Silence is the gateway to the soul and inner peace. Be still, talk less and feel more, as real truth exists on the inner levels, taking away the need for idle chatter.

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