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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

3:The truth about soul mates

We have many soul mates in life and their purpose is to serve your soul's growth. They are your partners, spouse children, friendships, work colleagues, acquaintances and even strangers.

Soul mates are sent to you to challenge you so your soul can evolve to a higher level of consciousness. Once the lesson has been learned you may or may not remain in each other’s life.

One true love. 💜

La-la land!

You’ll fall in love, they complete you and everything is perfect. 🙄

A soulmate is not there to serve your preconceptions of what you need but rather to challenge what your needs really are.

Many obsess with finding a soul mate not understanding they help one grow and develop consciousness so may block what’s real. It’s important to align with your own soul thus opening your heart and discovering your true self so to align with what’s real.

The souls plan doesn’t always go to plan! 🤔

All relationships are not meant to last. Some require one to walk away for their well-being. However, many break the contracts with another soul mate because they find the challenges too confronting so find reasons to be angry, so they can leave which you don’t have control over.

What is needed is presented again so the more that is overcome the less one attracts repeat issues.

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