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This article looks at the bad vibes of songs with a emotional dumping and projections.

Love has been a subject for music for as long as we can remember but the most popular music these days seems to be by artists who self-indulge their relationship breakup as a theme for their latest album.

If they are going to write about relationship issues, why not reflect what has been learned from these experiences rather than vetting frustration or anger. My only conclusion is many of the writers have not learned from these experiences thus do not have enough self-awareness to reflect any wisdom in hindsight, which results in us seeing their next album with much of the same substance.

Life is not always happy and presents its challenges but there is more to life than love relationships therefore more to write about for music. I feel these songs are teaching society we are defined by a love relationship which sends the wrong message about self-worth.

Music can heal if it is of the right energy. It has been known to help sooth the pain of grief, depression, anxiety and sickness. Music with negative energies is toxic and can lead or exacerbate low self-worth and mental health issues in people. We should be listening to music that has a positive effect on us, rather than an artist dumping their baggage as some sort of therapy and asking us to pay for it.

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