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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

2:Values and spiritual beliefs

Values are often shaped as a child and inherited from parents. Your values will affect all the choices, and decisions you make in life which includes ones about your religion, career and political views and beliefs.

Throughout our lives, we are growing thus making decisions based on what we feel is right for us, so over time our core values will change as we know more about who we are, and what becomes important to us.

Spiritual values that have formed from either organized religion or a spiritual path if one has them will often play a significant part for many in the way they live and how they view humanity and the earth. They influence the decisions we make about ourselves, relationships, and right livelihood.

How do values and spiritual beliefs influence how you live your life?

PS, this is not a discussion about religion as such but more about how your spiritual beliefs play into how you live your life. I ask that people do not proselytise religion here and respect those that have religious and spiritual beliefs that are not theirs.

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