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Live the life your soul wants

We are human

We are a spiritual being having a human life, yet we keep telling people they should not be human. Now that’s silly because the soul wanted us to evolve through a human evolution.

We live in a body with a mind so when we talk about getting out of the way of ourselves, we know that takes lifetimes and doesn’t feel very spiritual to most.

The essential job of the soul is to serve spirit, and it is working in each life to make better personalities to work with. We are a constant work in progress on the path to self-realisation, so to keep on pointing out to people how unevolved they are, by reminding them they are not nearly there is generally not helpful to their growth.

Stating the obvious does not change anything, we are where we are until we are not, and it’s our journey and not a competition or for us to try and make people feel smaller for where they are. It’s between them and their souls, thus none of our business. Helping others on the path can be done in much gentler ways, otherwise we will only sound like we are parroting some spiritual textbook with a teacher stick, and wonder why people want to switch off.

Many are more evolved than others because the soul is more evolved. How we get where we are is not in the details, but rather in what our decisions and choices are. The life for everyone, is to bridge the gap between the higher self and the personality, so no matter how evolved we are, there is still a gap. Advanced souls and spiritual teachers are still bridging a gap.

Constantly telling people we are not the body or the mind, and everything we see is an illusion doesn’t help people understand themselves either. Especially when we are then told what we think about ourselves isn’t the true self. Although true, you may now see where I am going with this, because throwing off statements like this thinking they stand alone, only makes people feel inadequate and inferior.

It only shows we have knowledge of this and does not necessarily show another how well we have evolved in knowing that knowledge, because without transformation it is just information. We only show where we are by the way we meet the world, and how we live it. The soul only permeates our thoughts, feelings, and actions if we are living with intent and awareness to the soul. Only a small percentage of the souls evolution is in the body and mind, and why much of our growth is only at the soul level. The more we align with the soul, the more the soul will shine a light on our being.

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