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Devaki Sokaris

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5:When do you call someone a friend?

People use the word friend flippantly these days, you only need to observe social media to see that, so what governs what a friend is, and what does it really mean this thing people call friendship?

I’m sure many of us have learnt what it isn’t given our experiences with people who called themselves our friend. Personally, I think the word is overused, and I believe it is about quality not quantity.

I am always wary when people call me their friend when they have only known me 5 minutes. For some there are many levels of friendship they don’t put in the same box but aren’t some of these people only acquaintances?

I have gone through life with many people calling me their friend. These friendships ended for various reasons to name a few, they wanted a piece of me, they were controlling, interfering, codependent, constantly dumping their problems for help. To me none of those things are really friendship. I have learnt that true friendships are few, and far between.

Who are the people you call friends?

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