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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

Write to help others

I have been a singer and songwriter for 19 years so have written many lyrics, but I only started to write articles a couple of years ago.

Writing for me is more about serving my purpose through the energy of words. I write with the intent to open people’s hearts to understanding themselves and humanity better. It may push buttons and it may bring challenges to some, but the intent is from a place of compassion.

Most of my clients have been drawn to me without knowing I have overcome many of the things they want my help with. People sense these things without consciously knowing.

We never know the real impact we have on others when we write. It isn't what you say that a person will remember necessarily but when you write they will remember how it made them feel, and what it stirred within them. Words with right intent can bring healing to another, switch on a light that was waiting to be discovered and help one to understand themselves more.

You don't have to tell your life story to draw the right people or clients because they will already know in how you conduct and apply yourself if you are the right person for them. Wisdom, inner strength, skill and walking the talk speak louder than a sad or inspiring story which doesn’t prove you can help them except you may have had a hard life.

A story may be helpful if it is is relevant and you show what you have overcome through your story otherwise it’s just a story. People sometimes respond to what others may have overcome even if they don’t feel they can do it they know it’s possible. However, you can show this without telling them you’re about your past.

Sad stories can sometimes blindside people in seeing what you can do to help them. It’s best to show it through how you connect, understand and work with people if you can.

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