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If the art of writing is open to others to share their thoughts and insight’s, it gives others a voice to pull out something from their hat they may not have even known was there.

We never know the real impact we have on others when we write. Words with intent can bring healing to another, give them a voice, switch on a light that was waiting to be discovered and help people understand themselves more.

When communicating with others it matters how we deliver it to people when we start to talk to them. If we think people do not matter then it is only coming from an intellectual mind. If we are not personable in what we write, we don’t’ touch the hearts of others, make sense, or inspire people. Many intellectuals without heart are not personable thus they often write from an inflated personality which doesn’t reach or speak to the hearts and minds of people.

If we must spend a long time trying to understand where a writer is coming from, the writer is often not really trying to help their readers understand their insights or have a concept on what is worth pondering on. Many people are often fooled that something is deep because they don’t understand what has been written. Putting a whole lot of fancy words together to look smart does not warm people to content. If they then tell you, we must understand the mind behind their words to understand their writings, then it nothing more than an ego trip for the writer.

They might manage to convince some readers that what they write is some profound wisdom, when it isn’t much more than cryptic words put together to try and make think people it is wisdom. A good writer will take responsibility in delivering something for their readers that makes sense, so they have something worthwhile to go away and ponder on. Anything else is often about their own glamour's about themselves.

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