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Autism and trauma
CPTSD in autistic adults is often overlooked because it presents differently than in non-autistic people even though it is common for autistic people to have other co-occurring psychiatric conditions.
Autistic mindfulnessDeep blue water drop symbol on lighter blue background representing present awareness
Mindfulness brings awareness to the present and reminds us that life can only be experienced in the presence of now.
Autistic burnout
This article is an illustration of how autistic burnout can escalate to chronic burnout if we don't have right perspective of what we are doing that is contributing to this happening.
Late autistic diagnosis
There is a lot of talk around autistic levels and functioning labels, and it seems we are stuck with these labels for now. These terms undermine our real needs, box us and then we are forgotten.
Autism and goal setting
Society has become obsessed with goal setting as the key to success in life. This mindset is setting an unrealistic path for true purpose in life.
Co-occurring conditions
Many autistic people have co-occurring conditions which may have been recognised long before discovering they were autistic, leaving many people feeling like something was missing.
Autism and masking
Autistic people mask because people do not accept their traits. We need to let go of the burden of camouflaging autistic traits to make people feel comfortable because it’s not our job to do so.
Autism, religion, and spirituality
Many autistic people reject organized religion, but I don’t think we can say that is necessarily to do with being autistic as many non-autistic people reject organized religion as well.
Sensory processing issues
If you want to have a good experience with me please don’t ruin it by touching or hugging me.
Chronic illnesses
Many chronic illnesses are not visible from the outside. Even though we may suffer from debilitating conditions, we may face judgement from those who don’t understand what is wrong with us.
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