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Discovering autism

Discovering autism

Society dictates the illusion we must be chasing life to thrive, so how can an autistic person thrive in a world that projects unrealistic expectations and too much noise.

Hello my name is Devaki Sokaris and I am an autistic writer, philosopher and singer-songwriter. I have always known I was different and I've spent most of my life feeling like I was dropped off on the wrong planet. Being diagnosed as autistic in November 2022 at the age of 64 years old finally made my whole life make sense in an instant.

This site offers articles about what it means to be autistic, finding yourself and how to unmask in a world that doesn't accept autistic traits. I also share information about my journey as a very late diagnosed autistic adult, unmasking decades of behaviour and the impact it has had on my life not knowing I was autistic for more than 6 decades.

Many autistic people have been cast aside by their families and society and and have experienced a life of trauma through abuse, stigma, ableism and sensory overload. My aim is to inspire other autistic people to find meaning and peace by living their lives on their own terms.

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