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The right music can awaken our hearts, enable healing and help us feel the essence of who we really are.

I started singing, writing lyrics, and playing guitar in 2000 at the age of 42. I mainly play fingerstyle weaved with some rhythm. My songs blend folk melodies with nuances of pop and country music.

I am a hermit by nature and choose to create a lot in isolation of the influence of other musicians. However, I am sure I have been inspired and influenced in some way with the music I grew up with, but what I have taken from that experience, I believe has created my own voice and guitar playing style.

The music industry has so many musicians that sound the same these days. I don't believe that the music we are hearing today has the unique sounding artists I grew up with. Its almost like there seems to be a template formula for success with people wanting to belt their vocals, and the louder it is the more people are impressed, or they want to showcase how well they can do vocal gymnastics.

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