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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants


Categories group related articles together, and this page lists all the categories available on this site.

Articles that bring clarity to the benefits of change.
Higher self4
Articles that focus on the soul’s purpose and journey.
Articles that centre around compassion, kindness and humankind.
Inner reflections5
Each article contains thought provoking reflections that come from the quiet place of the inner.
Life purpose7
Articles that help you understand purpose in life.
Personal growth15
Articles that bring insights and strategies for self-growth.
Articles to help you with your relationships.
Articles that deal with how one sees themselves and the world around them.
Skills and abilities1
These articles are about developing and using existing skills and abilities that help yourself and others in work and personal life.
Spiritual life11
These articles explore spirituality, the spiritual path and growth.
True self6
Articles that relate to being and knowing oneself.
Articles on spiritual, mental and emotional wellness.

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