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Devaki Sokaris

Contemplating life


Embracing a diverse humanity. Topics include neurodiversity, autism, disabilities, introversion, chronic illnesses, mental illness and some things about my own experiences as an autistic women.

Ableism in autism
It doesn’t matter how much research allistic people do and then call themselves experts, we as autistic people are the experts, so we need to encourage people to talk to us.
Allow people to be who they are
The world was designed for extroverts and the rest of us who may be neurodivergent, or introverted must navigate life in a world that makes too much noise and the expectation to be out there.
Embracing anxiety allows us to understand what it is teaching us about ourselves, thus accepting it is part of who we are and what we came here to learn from.
Autism and identity
We live in a world that was made for extroverted allistic people, and for people with Autism trying to fit into this world is exhausting.
Autism and loneliness
Many people with autism feel lonely in a world that wasn’t made for them, so when people try to change them being themselves, it only fuels more feelings of isolation.
Chronic illnesses
Many chronic illnesses are not visible from the outside. Even though we may suffer from debilitating conditions, we may face judgement from those who don’t understand what is wrong with us.
Free spirts
A free spirit lives in the present and lives a life on their own terms. Their identity doesn’t fit into a narrative of labels.
IntrovertsWomen facing river contemplating life
We live in a world that is made for extroverts. Society tells us we must be social animals and project ourselves as such on social media with this look at me culture mentality.
Masking autistic traits
Autistic people mask because people do not accept our traits. We need to let go of the burden of camouflaging our autistic traits to make people feel comfortable because it’s not our job to do so.
NeurodiversityPink infinity symbol in clouds
A neurodivergent person is someone who thinks differently from the way the majority do. Autism is a neurological condition and is there from birth, and there is no cure.

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