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Category: Journey of the heart lyrics

Song lyrics that express life’s challenges, love, purpose, and spirituality.

1.One heart
We unite as one heart.
2.I believe in love
Love is the beauty of existence.
3.Emotion rising
We are connected time and time again.
4.Love is all there is
Don't let love pass you by.
5.No one like you
Those who made a difference to our lives.
6.Show me how
The essence of real love.
7.Temple of the heart
Love has grace in the temple of the heart.
8.How do I love you
How do I love you, Show me how to care.
9.Swept me away
The abundance of love.
10.Wrong road out
There are no quick roads out.
11.Still waters
Weathering the bruises of a storm.
12.Just because you’re you
Being nurtured and knowing were not alone.
13.I’ve been here before
The patterns we keep repeating.
  • Love is all there is
  • I believe in love
  • How do I love you
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