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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

Category:Life purpose

Articles that help you understand purpose in life.

Life purpose50w
Purpose in life is the reason you are here. While what you are drawn to do in life largely creates what you have become, your purpose is about what you came here to experience, learn and understand.
Do your goals align with life purpose?23w
Success to many people is achieving their personal goals that their personality desires but if one was more aligned with what their purpose in life was their goals would be very different.
Influenced or empowered1y
Are you influenced by others or empowered to dance to the beat of your own tune?
Life calling1y
When people refer to their calling in life many are often talking about the occupation or career they seek.
Living life1y
We are here to live not just survive!
Remember who you are?1y
Many people are wanting to discover their life purpose. It connects you with your inner truth and wisdom at a deeper level and puts you on track with your higher potential.
The truth about life purpose22w
There is no one sole purpose to life purpose. Your career enables you to manifest some of your gifts, but life purpose is what you came to experience, learn and understand.

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