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Contemplating life


We see the ourselves through our own eyes, thus what we see may not be real. Self-awareness is about being able to view ourselves from a detached perspective allowing us to learn from these insights.

1.Perception creates realityHuge head illuminated by the setting sun
When a person’s perception is clouded, it limits them in seeing things from a broader perspective. The only way to change your perception is to be more aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions, and what they are doing to create your reality.
Our worth is not measured by what people say to or think of us. It is an inner knowing that cannot be shaken by another person’s opinion. If we place a need for people to constantly tell us we good, we are never going to believe it much longer than the words said.
3.Being real
Being our self is what we all came here to do. If we strive to discover our true self, we will overtime naturally become more, and more of who we are allowing our inner light to shine through.
4.Grief and death
Grief is many things: death, illness, hardship, loss of career, relationships and possessions. Grief is a part of our lives but when it happens, we react in disbelief, experiencing shock.
5.The purpose of suffering
Desires for things and attachments to people are the cause of suffering because attachments are transitory, so loss will be inevitable.
For many this life will be to focus on self-awareness, personal growth and mindfulness which is preparing them for awakening their true selves (soul) in the present or future lives.
7.Major life transitions
Life transitions help us grow as individuals and are often about loss or feeling like we do not fit in anymore.
People look at the past as their identity and the future to save them. The past is depression, the future is anxiety and the now is the only place we can find peace.

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