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Category: Self-discovery

These articles discuss the path of self-discovery and ways to gain self-awareness and improve ourselves.

Self discovery is a journey of intentional presence with life and one that helps us gain self awareness and understand our true selves.
A contemplative lifeWomen sitting on pier. ©Kinkate
A contemplative life is an inner journey with the intent to live in the presence of now. When we find that moment of silence, we experience the solitude of contemplation.
Awakening potential
Before we can reach our potential, we have to know what emotional and thought patterns are driving the decisions we make every day.
Being real
Being our true selves is what we all came here to do.
Compassion is wisdom of the heart. It is loving kindness that is guided from the higher self and acts for the good of all.
ForgivenessMan with stretched out arms facing a waterfall. ©Free-Photos
Is forgiveness possible in all cases, and should it be?
Grief and death
Grief is many things: death, illness, hardship, loss of career, relationships and possessions. Grief is a part of our lives but when it happens, we react in disbelief, experiencing shock.
Inner workWinding garden path. ©James De Mers
Inner work can be a path of both self-growth and awakening. Our worth is not measured by what people say to or think of us. It is an inner knowing that cannot be shaken by another person’s opinion.
IntuitionMisty paddock against rainbow sky. ©Igor Kasalovic
When we learn to listen to our inner voice we make better life path choices that are right for us. This article talks about what intuition is and how it helps us connect to inner wisdom.
Leaps of faithSilouete of person leaping over a very wide river against setting sun. ©Kid Circus
We will need to take many leaps in life if we want to evolve. It’s the soul’s way of giving you a little nudge in the right direction when you need it and if you don’t listen that nudge becomes a shove or two until you pay attention.
Life purpose
There is no one sole purpose to life purpose. Purpose in life are many purposes, its all about discovery.
Mindset is not belief
Mindset is not belief thus unless we challenge our beliefs, we cannot change anything for real.
Peoples stories
We all have our own unique path in life thus we have our own lessons and healing journey that cannot be learned from someone else’s story or experiences in life.
Perception creates realityHuge head illuminated by the setting sun. ©Gerd Altmann
When a person’s perception is clouded, it limits them in seeing things from a broader perspective.
Perfect relationships
We are not perfect, so our relationships will not be perfect. What we want isn’t often what we need.
Personal development
Many seek personal development largely focuses on outer development, such as seminars run by self-development gurus. A lot of personal development peddled by self-improvement gurus is hype.
Right relationships
People place a lot of importance in relationships, and many may come into our life with expectations, demands, neediness and selfishness.
Soul mates
This article is mainly focused on love soul mates, as there are many glamours and illusions about what they are and how they serve us.
The purpose of suffering
Desires for things and attachments to people are the cause of suffering because attachments are transitory, so loss will be inevitable.
We need values so we can live our life being your real self. Knowing what our core values are provide a road map to live our lives and one that inspires us to be happy.
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