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Contemplating life


One must change oneself to change life for the better. These articles discuss ways to improve ourselves.

1.Personal development
Many seek personal development which focuses largely on outer development, such as seminars run by self-development gurus. A lot of personal development peddled by self-improvement gurus is hype, thus not real.
2.Awakening potential
Before you can reach your potential, you have to know what emotional and thought patterns are driving the decisions you make every day. From there, you can begin to make better decisions that allow you to become who you really can be.
3.Leaps of faithSilouete of person leaping over a very wide river against setting sun
We will need to take many leaps in life if we want to evolve. It’s the soul’s way of giving you a little nudge in the right direction when you need it and if you don’t listen that nudge becomes a shove or two until you pay attention.
4.Mindset is not belief
Mindset is not belief thus unless we challenge our beliefs, we cannot change anything for real.
5.Long term goals
This is another perspective to ponder on about goal setting, and is how I work with continual progress.
6.Peoples stories
We all have our own unique path in life thus we have our own lessons and healing journey that cannot be learned from someone else’s story or experiences in life.
7.ForgivenessMan with stretched out arms facing a waterfall
Is forgiveness possible in all cases, and should it be?
8.Digging deeper
When we start looking deeper for answers, we must expect to discover some things that may not appear real straight away.
9.Inner workWinding garden path
Inner work can be a path of both self-growth and awakening to your soul.
10.Emotional blocks
Emotional blocks are made from negative past experiences, unresolved emotions, and disruptive behaviour patterns. They disrupt your growth, and stop you achieving your goals. They affect relationships, finance, career, personal and spiritual growth, and health.
11.Life coaches
The coaching industry is flawed. We do not need any more life coaches. Many do not understand the psychology of people, thus out of their depths.

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