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Contemplating life

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Song lyrics that express life’s challenges, love, purpose, and spirituality.

A place I’ve always known
When we walk to the music of our own tune we are our true selves.
All I need
How you shape yourself from your past depends what you learn from it and overcome. Follow your soul, it knows the way.
Chasing rainbows
Are we chasing an illusion when what we seek is here?
Door to the heart
When the heart is open, we begin to accept the soul as the teacher.
Emotion rising
We are connected time and time again.
False perception is misconception
Being real creates a true version of you.
Hanging on
Letting go allows us to embrace the opportunities before us.
How do I love you
The greater consciousness envelops us with love.
I believe in love
Love is the beauty of existence, anything else is fear.
I give my love to you
Taking time to breathe, surrendering to now.
I will
Making peace with the past.
In my Heart my Home
Knowing you already have what you are searching for.
In the silence
Shanti means peace. Chanting om shanti can calm, the emotional body, and bring harmony to conflicts in the mind, body, and emotions.
In your eyes
Eyes are the windows to the soul.
Inner heart
Listen to the voice of your inner wisdom.
Into your heart/Om Namah Shivaya
Mother divine embraces us with love.
I’ve been here before
Sometimes it takes us several times to recognize the patterns we keep repeating.
Just because you’re you
For me, this was written from a spiritual perspective, but can be interpreted however you like. It has that sense of being nurtured and knowing you’re not alone.
Lessons learned
If transformation is not gained from knowledge there is no right use of knowledge thus no wisdom.
Light of my soul
At the essence of our being we are the soul.
The soul light we carry within embraces us with love.
Live the life the soul wants
Follow the soul it knows the way.
Love is all there is
Love is all there is, anything else is fear.
Love like ours
True love is revealed through the windows of the soul.
Meaning in my life
Discovering the meaning in life.
No one like you
This is dedicated to those who are no longer with us and made a difference to our lives.
Now is all there is
In the moment, now is all there is.
One heart
Soulmates unite as one.
One soul
We are one soul reincarnating and evolving over many lifetimes.
Only reason
Bridges are burned, and regret prevents one moving on.
Show me how
The essence of unconditional love.
Show you my love
The persistence in unrequited love.
Shanti means peace. Chanting om shanti can calm, the emotional body, and bring harmony to conflicts in the mind, body, and emotions.
Staying Here
We are living in a time where one must decide if they want stay on earth and support the greater plan for the earth and humanity.
Still waiting
Trusting you’re doing what your meant to without knowing the outcome can be hard.
Still waters
Weathering the bruises of a storm bring harmony in the end.
A yeaning to maintain a connection to the inner true self.
Swept me away
Gratitude resides in the abundance of love.
Temple of the heart
Love and compassion holds the key in the temple of the heart.
Touched by an angel
Angels (Devas) are winged messengers for the divine. They love to be asked for help, and love us unconditionally.
What do I do with my heart
What do you do when you think you have it all sorted being on your own and someone shows up to mess with it. Gotta love, love.
Work in progress
The path to self-realisation is a long one.
Wrong road out
Walk the path with patience for there are no quick roads out that lead to the truth.

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