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Category:Spiritual growth

These articles explore spirituality, the benefits and what it means to be spiritual.

1.Spiritual pathRear of white buddha statue against bright cloudy sky
A spiritual path involves cooperating with actions that do not serve the personality and ones that improve life on earth.
2.MeditationBuddha card for meditation
Meditation is putting our awareness to the higher self and letting it consciously work through us.
3.IntuitionMisty paddock against rainbow sky
When we learn to listen to our inner voice we make better life path choices that are right for us. This article talks about what intuition is and how it helps you connect to the inner truth.
Spirituality is a broad term for all things people believe to be spiritual, thus it can be both fickle and vague.
5.CompassionHands in heart symbol with sea backdrop
Compassion is wisdom of the heart. It is loving kindness that is guided from the higher self and acts for the good of all.
This article is a concise view of understanding karma.
7.Dharma and money
Focusing on career and money as the sole purpose of life and identity is a false identity. Delaying other purpose in life stops one getting their house in order effectively or consistently.
8.Compromising spirituality
These insights are to bring awareness to the conflicts that happen when one tries to compromise spirituality to suit religious dogma.
Letting go of attachment is not s practice, attachment to people, places and things fall away when we no longer see ourselves in them, thus think they define who we are.
10.Spiritual teacher
A relationship one has with a spiritual teacher is a special one and not like a relationship with anyone else. A Spiritual teacher’s role is to bring their students closer to their soul’s.
11.The silence
How do you create silence in a world of constant inner and outer noise?

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