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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

Spiritual perspective

Articles that bring perspective to what being spiritual means.

1:Living a spiritual life46w
From the universe's perspective everything is unfolding as it should, so to live a spiritual life means to trust god. It is only our personalities that believe the world is against us. When we surrender, we begin to free ourselves from the fear and doubt our personality has created for us.
2:Values and spiritual beliefs1y
Values are often shaped as a child and inherited from parents. Your values will affect all the choices, and decisions you make in life which includes ones about your religion, career and political views and beliefs.
3:What is meditation?35w
When you go beyond the form that you use to get there, you are meditating.
When we learn to listen to our inner voice we make better life path choices that are right for us. This article talks about what intuition is and how it helps you connect to the inner truth.
5:Inner peace29w
People talk a lot about inner peace and in many ways, it is been glorified to sitting on a mountain top in contemplation to find yourself. That may work for monks who haven’t got other life of concern but for the rest of us that doesn’t work in the real world.
Humility means recognizing that all we are, we have not done alone. Humility teaches us to know we are not separate from humanity in all its existence. Without humility we don’t see our own mistakes or when we are wrong thus feeling justified by our actions.

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