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Sanskrit anahata in heart

Devaki Sokaris

Being you


Exploring spirituality, the benefits and what it means to embrace the spiritual journey and how our soul works through us to help us to fulfil our purpose in life.

The truth about soul mates
This article is mainly focused on love soul mates, as there are many glamours and illusions about what they are and how they serve us.
Spirituality and minimalism
Minimalism is about uncluttering our minds, surroundings and emotions. It enables us too simplify life and brings less suffering to the earth and humanity.
Spiritual path
A spiritual path involves cooperating with actions that do not serve the personality and ones that improve life on earth.
Soul's journeyBack view of women in white dress standing in the clouds
The soul is understood differently to people. This perspective is about our personalities relationship with the soul and how we can evolve a meaningful life through our lessons.
Mindfulness meditationDeep blue water drop symbol on lighter blue background representing present awareness
Present awareness is not something we do but rather something we are thus a state of just being.
Life purpose
There is no one sole purpose to life purpose. Purpose in life are many purposes, its all about discovery.
This article is a concise view of understanding karma.
IntuitionMisty paddock against rainbow sky
When we learn to listen to our inner voice we make better life path choices that are right for us. This article talks about what intuition is and how it helps us connect to inner wisdom.
Letting go of attachment is when we no longer see ourselves in people, places and things, thus they do not define who we are.
Compromising spirituality
These insights are to bring awareness to the conflicts that happen when one tries to compromise spirituality to suit religious dogma.
Compassion is wisdom of the heart. It is loving kindness that is guided from the higher self and acts for the good of all.

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