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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants


Articles on spiritual, mental and emotional wellness.

Chronic illnesses5w
Many chronic illnesses are not visible from the outside. Even though you may suffer from debilitating conditions everyday you may face judgement from those who don’t understand what is wrong with you.
Fear and failure9w
What is fear? It is an emotion you have learned. It causes doubt, lack of confidence and negative thoughts and expectations.
Grief is many things: death, illness, hardship, loss of career, relationships and possessions. Grief is a part of our lives but when it happens, we react in disbelief, experiencing shock even when a loved one is extremely ill, one’s possessions become fragile, or a relationship is very rocky. We are never really prepared for it.
The cause of suffering22w
Desires to things and people are the cause of suffering because attachments are transitory, so loss will be inevitable.
The gift of anxiety11w
I speak from my own experience and observation of others with anxiety, and the understanding I have also gained myself, having lived with a general anxiety disorder most of my life.
You’ve got this4w
‘If I can do it, you can’ is a pitch people use who don’t understand we each have a unique path to us.

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