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Touched by my soul31w
Follow your soul, it knows the way.
Hanging on32w
Letting go allows us to embrace the opportunities before us.
All I need33w
How you shape yourself from your past depends what you learn from it and overcome. Follow your soul, it knows the way.
Write music that’s true to your heart41w
Many independent artists will conform to what is mainstream because they fear that if they are themselves they will not be successful or worthy in the music industry.
The dark side of music42w
This article looks at the bad vibes of songs with a negative message.
The factory formula sound of music42w
This article gives some thought on the same sound heard between artists in the same music genre.
Heart of the soul47w
Our true self resides in the heart of the soul.
False perception is misconception1y
Being real creates a true version of you.
A place I’ve always known1y
When we walk to the music of our own tune we are our true selves.
Lessons learned1y
If transformation is not gained from knowledge there is no right use of knowledge thus no wisdom.

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