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Music that touches the heart

Devaki's music journey

I grew up and lived in New Zealand for 21 years of my life and it was common to go to lots of parties where someone or two there would have a guitar and voice to sing along with, usually a Maori as a lot grow up with music and can naturally sing and play as in many Polynesian cultures. People used to tell me I could sing, I took no notice and still don’t believe that I have a great voice.

However, through my song writing and recording I have come to realize that it is the songs I write, and the energy behind them is what people have been moved by. Having an exceptional voice is one thing but being able to connect with people is another so I choose to be grateful for my not so exceptional voice.

My father bought me a guitar when I was 9 years old, but in the end, he was the one who ended up playing it. When I moved to Australia my brother while visiting me bought himself a guitar and when he went back to New Zealand he left the guitar with me. He was later killed in a car accident, so I kept the guitar only because it had belonged to him. I strummed it a few times here, and there but nothing serious, so it ended up in a cupboard only to be thrown our several years later needing too great a repair.

Before I was married my now husband heard me singing and said I didn’t know you could sing, I thought ‘here we go again. He said, ‘do you play an instrument’, and I said not really but I’ve got my brothers old guitar in the cupboard. I pulled it out to discover it needed a lot of repair, as the neck had warped among other things, so it was virtually not worth repairing for the cost involved, and it wasn’t a great guitar in the first place. I let him talk me into buying a guitar and within a week I had written a song manta. I also didn’t know until then that my husband could mix and master music.

In 2002 after we moved to Melbourne Australia we began to buy the things we needed for a home recording studio. In 2002 I began recording my love is album which Patanjali mixed and mastered. It was released online and into Jb hi fi music stores in Australia in 2004.

As an independent label and artist, we didn’t have the money to promote the album, so it didn’t do so well.

In 2006 we moved to Sydney. Up until about 2012 I was just flying solo until my husband became interested in playing guitar, so I gave him one of my guitars. He picked up lead guitar quite quickly and later went on to playing mandolin, and bass guitar as well. We then decided to become the folk duo DevaKnighT where I continued to write the lyrics and music.

In 2012 my husband began building a sound proof recording studio in our lounge room. In 2013 we recorded live to YouTube which was challenging to get them right straight away. They didn’t do so well due to lack of promotion. I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue so touring or doing live gigs isn’t a possibility for me for promotion and it is difficult for independent artists to raise funds for advertising.

For financial reasons in 2017 we pulled down the recording studio and sold all the musical and recording equipment including microphones, guitars. I bought a Taylor Gs mini, so I could continue to play, write and sing.

Going forward, I still plan to record some music again, and I am continuing to write new lyrics and music.

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